Packaging line for stackable chips

Packaging line for stackable chips


Stackable chips are as popular as they are breakable.

To ensure that all the chips reach your customers in good condition our SCA series packs them gently but efficiently.
Dosing can be implemented by volume or by weight. The SCA series lines take the chips directly from the upstream production line, for example from the seasoning belt. The number of lanes can be adapted flexibly. Next the chips are automatically turned, cooled on a multi-lane distribution system and arranged in the right direction.

After the dosing the chips are passed on to the filling system, where either composite cans/boxes or trays are filled and transported onwards for aroma-sealed closing.

HASTAMAT provides onestop shopping for all the necessary equipment, from the initial product transfer to final packaging. On request we can also provide downstream equipment for quality inspection and final packaging for the point of sale. And this provides considerable benefits, for example from the fact that there are fewer interfaces, enabling the individual components to be adapted ideally to one another and ensuring trouble-free continuous operation.

In addition, cleaning and maintenance times are kept to a minimum by modular construction, efficient systems for switching between formats and the hygiene-friendly sanitary design of the machines.

Technical Features
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